Sonaimuri Andha Kallyan Samity is a charitable hospital. With hard work and dedication this hospital becomes a glorious institution for the poor people of rural area. This hospital is working for the treatment of eye deceases to make a progressive society.

In the 40 years of its tourney, this Samity has established a rare example in a district by organizing 34 eye camp where about 60,000 helpless and poor patients has been relieved from their eye diseases and 9,500 patients has been cured with eye lens. A large number of people got inspiration and motivation from the activity of this institution and start working for poor people in various area of the country.

Some of remarkable activities of this Samity are below:


Arranging mobile eye camp to provide eye treatment i.e. eye cataract surgery, lens replacement, glass distribution etc to poor, helpless people.


Taking initiative to send critical patient to the modern hospital for treatment.


Helping poor, helpless and autistic people by giving them relief.


This samity regularly organize seminars, symposiums, rallies, publish leaflets, booklets, magazines to make the people conscious and increase awareness against eye diseases and blindness.


A large number of people got inspiration and motivation from the activity of this institution and start working for poor people in various area of the country.

The eye hospital was established by the support of all the people of Sonaimuri upozila. Moreover, there was a group of self denying and highly dedicated people who were determined to form this great establishment. All the member of present executive committee of this hospital has been working very hard for this hospital.

The man who gave this hospital a shape of institution by donating 20 decimals land is the founder president Late Saidul Hoque Patowary. The lifetime member of Sonaimuri Andha Kallyan Samity, Alhaz Morshed Ahmed Patowary  donated  6 decimals land more. After that Md. Minhaz Ahmed Zabed from Begumgaunj upozila arranged an amount of 10 Lac Taka from Noakhali District office.

Furthermore, this hospital has been blessed with the kind support of a lot of people, among them some of are – Gazi Mohiuddin Patowary, Rezaul Karim Shwopon, Abdul Khalek Komol, agent of the department of social service and the project director Md. Abdur Rahman and many more people of the district. At last a name should be exposed with respect whose dedication and effort makes this hospital real is the senior secretary of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, currently worked as the ambassador in Vietnam, great son of Sonaimuri Upozila Mr. Sahab Ullah.

The 02 perosons whom took the first initiative to form Sonaimuri Andha Kallyan Samity are:

Late Yunus Mia

Chairman Sonaimur
Union Parishad

Late Tafazzal Ahmad

C.O. (Development)
Begumgaunj Thana, Noakhali

Presidents and General Secretaries from the very beginning to present:

Late Saidul Hoque Patowary

Founder President

Golam Mostofa Bhuia

Founder General Secretary

M. A. Aowal, M.com

Former President

Late Sirazuddin, C.S.P

Former President

Md. Shahab Ullah


Sonaimuri Andha Kallyan Samity Eye Hospital

Established and financed jointly by Social Welfare Ministry, Department of Social Service and Sonaimuri Andha Kallyan Samity.
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